Visit by the Queen in 2007

Royal Visit Welcome Speech 8th June 2007 

Your Majesty; Your Royal Highness; Lord-Lieutenant; High Steward; distinguished guests:-

The Town Council and we many Romsonians offer you a sincere and warm welcome on this gentle morning.

We are honoured to receive you on the occasion of the 400th anniversary of our royal charter.

You may remember we were equally so honoured in 1957

when you attended the 350th anniversary of our charter.

When in 1607 your predecessor King James 1 ~by special grace~ did sign the royal charter for Romsey

he granted the town its Borough status.

And so, by royal and special grace, down through the ages.

Romsey has retained its Mayoralty and its Town Council;

these, and our splendid Victorian Town Hall, remain a focal point of our corporate pride.

And - Your Majesty ... we are proud of our Town.

The years since you last joined with us to celebrate the Charter have been years of

rapid and radical change; the population has risen from 6000 then to 14000 now;

yet we feel we have managed change so that what is of value from the past is maintained and enhanced,

and the Market Place in which we stand is evidence of that individual and corporate care.

What is new and different  has been subjected to the conscientious scrutiny of the Town's citizens

and their Civic organisations; so, despite change,

we have a happy town with a remarkable community spirit.

We hope you have sensed that by the tenor of your welcome, here, today.

Your Majesty; Your Royal Highness; as you see, we, the people of Romsey, hold you in the highest esteem.

Thank you for coming to Romsey;

for marking our celebrations with your presence at the service in the Abbey;

for unveiling our Charter Stone...

and thank you for meeting so many of our residents.

Now; the 1607 Charter is quite precise.

It states that a distinguished man should act as High Steward.

I now call upon our High steward. The Lord Brabourne...

Royal Visit

Royal Visit

Royal Visit

Royal Visit

Royal Visit

Royal Visit

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